Clint Carleton: Conversations on the Path to Enlightenment

by on May.04, 2011, under Life, Work

This week I headed back down to the Orlando Convention Center to shoot for seasoned stuntman, Clint Carleton (“2012,” “Twilight,” “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy). Clint has begun a journey traveling the globe, talking with people that are on the path to enlightenment and see the world differently than most. His show is called “The Soulful Guide” and his mission is to share other people’s teachings with the rest of the world. This week was the Qi Revolution convention and had over 2,300 attendees. The final day was brought to a closing by a mesmerizing demonstration by a Qigong master, Master Zhou. Zhou can do many extraordinary things and has the ability to hold molten medal as well as stay submerged in freezing water for hours. Good luck to Clint on his journey to share his experiences with others! Above is a screen grab of Clint by the pond at OCC.

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Fishing With Nima

by on Jun.23, 2010, under Life

Some video from a fishing trip we took a few months ago in Ft. Pierce, Florida.

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Welcome to Life, Please Enjoy Your Stay

by on Dec.17, 2009, under Life

Today I woke up and realized, as I sometimes do, that my life has already been almost 27 years long and quite honestly it does scare me a little bit. As I grow older it seems time passes by at an exponential rate. Why is this? Is it that as we become older we forget out previous days? Do we somehow manage to delete the inconsequential days from our memory? Whatever it is, I don’t like it. The speed of life scares me much more than the fear death. It seems like only yesterday I was riding my first bike with training wheels and shiny red paint down Seagrape Drive, a skinny dirt road at the time.

How fast we grow. Life was so much more simple growing up, so innocent. I miss my old friends and family that moved on and passed away. Few children have any idea how hard life is for most people once you grow up. Most parents are good at hiding hardship and pain from their children and it seems as if it isn’t until their kids are older that parents are able to open up, as they do with friends and family closer to their own age, about their fears and rough times of the past and present. I’ve become closer with my parents over the last few years and for that I am happy. They have done a lot for me and I try my hardest to make them proud and give the family a good name.

Not everybody knows it, but I’d give the shirt off my back for a friend or family member in need. I wish more people were like this. If something needs tending to, I drop what I am doing to help rectify the situation with no fear of consequence. For some reason it reminds me of a Mighty Mighty Bosstones line, “I’m not a coward, I’ve just never been tested. I’d like to think that if I was, I would pass.” I really don’t think I have been tested in respect to how far I’d be willing to go for a family member of friend, but I’m sure one day I will find out and I pray I am up to the challenge.

With that said, I live my life on a basis of ideals and morality, almost to a fault. I sometimes feel I’ve lost some good opportunities because of my beliefs. Growing up, I didn’t have many friends that were big risk takers. I was never really subjected to people that put themselves on the line until I was in college. Once I began being around these risk takers I began to understand the advantages of doing so. I see now that people that take risks are often more successful and actually happier as well.

Just as my parents took the training wheels off my bike, so did the risk takers slowly teach me one of life’s most valuable lessons. I can now see that taking risks is one of the most important things in trying to succeed at something. Failure happens at every corner and is one of life’s greatest teachers, erasing the fear of it has been a more recent project of mine. Whether it be for love, a job, being known or respected or living on the edge to experience life, I see risk taking as an essential tool for life’s climb.

In my mind, my beliefs are more important to me than doing something that I would consider wrong, even if it’s in the gray area of morality or something considered by many to be ok. It’s interesting because I feel I live a rather religious life, yet I don’t go to church. Church is something I’m open to, but I think it’s something I’d rather do when I have my own family. When I was little I went to vacation bible school a few times and also went to Christian camp a few years in a row. I felt a little like religion was being forced upon me. I’m not saying I didn’t have a good time, but I felt out of place. Praying before every single thing we did was a bit much for me. One day I will be ready for it, but until then, my ideals will suffice.

Having good friends and family is also very important to me. Without these, one is lost. Strangely enough, life without family or friends is undoubtedly longer. But who wants that? Loneliness in exchange for the perception of a longer life. It’s human nature to feel lonely at some time or other, that’s just how we work. Loneliness is a mindset, deserved only to the wretched. Most people can get through that loneliness and are able to see that they are in fact loved by their friends and family. If you know someone is lonely, make them change their mind, your company is their cure. Good friends and family forgive and understand. While they might not understand your mistakes they want to have faith in that you are learning from them. Nobody’s perfect. Cherish your friends and family, for no one lives forever.


*Please note this a free write essay and that I am well aware it doesn’t follow traditional essay form.
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